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Sylvia Shipp

Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments. Helping to make the whole operation go smoothly instead of fighting against something as special as a precious relationship is the key to success. :)

Relationship Advice

I love this song as well and it is one of the many, many songs which can help define a long distance relationship.
It certainly isn't easy to live so far apart but things like music, films and books can help you feel closer to the person you are missing.
When my partner had to go abroad it brought us some serious problems, as I thought that he was choosing his job over me. After getting some relationship advice and thinking about it some more I realsied that I was being selfish and it was round about this time that I started to relax and look for songs to make me feel better

Sylvia Shipp

Thanks. I find her voice to be simply amazing. Maybe Joni Mitchell aspired to her sound? It was Sandy Denny's voice that Led Zeppelin recorded on their song Battle of Evermore (the *only* female singer they ever used for recording). Thanks for the heads up about Deanna Kirk. I'll check out her version.

Lila Clover

This is lovely - Singer/songwriter Deanna Kirk also does a beautiful version of this song. Haunting. Thanks for posting it!

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