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Wow this blog is very inspirational. I'm currently involved in a long distance relationship and this blog is very helpful. It's great to have another first hand account to take advice from. The integration of songs and poems is awesome.
This type of relationship definitely isn't easy but you're doing a great service to all of us. You should really add more love stories! I love the cultural aspect of this post.

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Great article...so thought provoking. Long distance relationships are otherwise tough to maintain but your post surely gives some good insights.


Definitely very useful insight on long distance relationships!


Sylvia J. Shipp

Thanks for your comments, Anna. It's always nice to hear from someone who is involved in a long distance relationship. I'm always interested in hearing about the experiences couples are having, so please feel free to share the good and bad things you are going through:)


Sylvia Shipp



Hello, my name is Anna and I am in a long distance relationship right now, and found your blog to be a great inspiration for someone like me. I feel by you having been in a LDR, you have experienced it first hand, making your blog honest, and more sincere. You have good tags to poetry and love letters, which is what I am most in to. You also give great advice about how to get through a LDR, and the benefits  this type of relationship comes with. I can tell you write form the heart and from your experiences and you give hope to other couples out there trying to make it work. Thank you for creating a blog where people can share their thoughts and feeling about what they're going through, and ways to get through it.

Chuck Avigliano

Hi Sylvia!!

Long time No see huh?

I came across your web site,Looks you are very busy these days,Well,Just wanted to say Hello from Califonia,

Drop me a line some time.


Nice Lyrics.

Sylvia J. Shipp

Hi Emma, thanks for reaching out to me. I'd be delighted to answer any questions you have for me in an email interview. I'm glad to hear you're working on an LDR ebook. Couples can always benefit from reading another perspective on this ever-growing topic! Looking to hearing from you:)



hi sylvia, I am emma, in the midst of writing a long distance ebook. I really like your style of writing and advice. I was wondering if you could be keen for an email interview on long distance relationship and I would provide it as a freebie for my visitors to my future ebook website (in 1-2 months) and include your blog so that they can visit and read it too. Since we are targeting the same group, it would be useful to collaborate for this, for me to provide useful information and to help increase the traffic for people in long distance relationship to visit your blog. Let me know. :)


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Well nice post.I really like it very much.Thanks....


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Sylvia J. Shipp

Hi Dave, nice to hear from you! Thanks for your nice comments. I hope things are going very well for you these days now that some time has passed. Everything working out okay?


What an interesting story, thanks for that Sylvia, and welcome back.

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