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samuel christian

What an interesting post to read, thanks for bringing it up.


Hi Sylvia, i'm looking your blog for 2days now and I've ordered ur book yesterday.
Both of them give me hope. I'm new in the LDR's world and I'm not confident with that already.
[this is good]

I live in Belgium and my boyfriend in Switserland. It's pretty close but my bf is young, 20, and I'm his first girlfriend. I'm quite scared cuz i'm really motivated, I could go to Switserland twice a month for the week end but I dont know if he's ready for that, for now, he has just started college, like to hang out with friends and we never speak about "the next time we will see each other again". I dont dare to ask him cuz he could be afraid, I dont know.. I hope it's gonna work, but there is a lot of "unknow", I dont know what to do, do I have to tell him everything, maybe scared him with my strongs feelings? Plz, give me some advices !

Sylvia Shipp

Hi Chelsea, thanks for your comments. I'm glad to hear that you guys are willing to take the LDR route while you go off to a 4-year university. As long as you're both committed to staying together and are able to keep insecurities to a minimum, this time apart could be magical for you both. Think of it as a chance to cherish each other and express your love in ways that would feel too over-the-top or cheesy if you were always physically together. Chelsea, feel free to write again whenever you want or need more insight; I'm usually around. :)
I wish you two all the best. Keep in touch. I'd be delighted to hear more from you about how things are coming along down the road.
Sylvia Shipp



I know this post has been up for quite some time, but I came across it today and wanted to thank you for sharing this interview. As a college student myself, I will be transfering this fall out of my community college to a four-year university. My boyfriend and I have been together on and off for about two years now and are determined to make the long distance relationship work while im in school and he is still at home. It's nice to know that there is hope for everything to work out and that as long as both of us are committed long idstance relationships can work. Thanks for the encouraging words and helpful hints :)

Account Deleted

Nice Blog.
Well I live in USA. I am also indulged in a long distance relationship. I am a student and traveling around every week is near to impossible as I have budget limitations. And I do not think that talking on phone or via any medium can take this relationship very far. i think I should quit.

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[this is good] I found this interview very informative and practical. Many people do not understand that although a long-distance relationship is not the easiest experience, it can be done, and often the results are stronger bonds with your partner. I didn’t use to understand the mentality behind long distance relationships; to me a relationship is based on seeing, touching and spending time with someone, all things that cannot be done when the other person is thousands of kilometres away. Studying at a small-town university far away from major cities in South Africa has exposed me to many students whose relationships with partners back home are surviving the distance. In particular, one student’s story helped me to empathise with those in long distance relationships. Her name is Taryn Nortje, and you can read her profile on my blog. It is an inspiration to many others in situations like hers.


[this is good]


I am writing from Australia where we are currently in pre-production for a dramatic and emotional television series about couples living in long distance relationships.

If you are currently in a long distance relationship and have an interesting or compelling story to tell about how you met, how you keep the relationship alive or how you plan on being united in the future, we would love to hear from you.

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